How to Advance Your Career and Get the Most Out This Conference

  • Opening Keynote

  • Learn the ONE thing you must do to easily transition to your next career.

  • Learn how to get the most out of your summit experience.


Alex Barker, PharmD

Are You Burned Out? Causes, Symptoms, and How to Find Freedom From Work Stress

  • What Are the Causes of Burnout?

  • What Are the Symptoms of Burnout?

  • How Your Core Values Lead You to Freedom


Dr. Clark Gaither, MD

Transitioning to a Career Without Experience

  • The Secret to Networking Your Way to a New Job

  • How Your Attitude Influences Your Career Options

  • What Mistakes Ashlee Made, and How You Can Avoid Them!


Ashlee Kleevens, PharmD

Certifications That Give You an Edge When Applying to Jobs

  • How to Leverage a Certification to Get a New Job

  • What to Do if You Fail Your First Certification Examination

  • 30 Medication Mistakes


Eric Christianson, PharmD

Financial Issues You May Forget When Transitioning: Debt, Taxes, Insurance, and Retirement

  • How to Cover Your Insurance In-Between Job Transitions

  • The Benefits of a Health Savings Program

  • How to Save Yourself (Potentially) Thousands of Dollars Against Taxes


Tim Church, PharmD


Tim Ulbrich, PharmD

How One Pharmacist Transitioned Out of Retail and into Veterinary Compounding

  • The differences between Veterinary and "human" pharmacy

  • Unexpected benefits from Veterinary pharmacy

  • How you can "beef up" your resume to better place yourself for veterinary pharmacy applications


Thomas Magnifico, RPh

How to Transition into Association Work and the Multiple Job Opportunities Available to You

  • What it Takes to Start an Association Career

  • How a Pharmacist with No Experience Can Get Started on This Career Path

  • Why Association Work is a Great Career Transition for Those Facing Pharmacy Practice Burnout


Lucinda Maine, PhD

How Any Pharmacist Can Start a Pharmacy Consultancy and What First Steps to Take!

  • What is Takes to Start a Consultant Business

  • What Else Can a Pharmacist Do as an Independent Pharmacy Consultant Besides MTM?

  • The Financial Benefits of Owning a MTM Business


Blair Thielemier, PharmD

Medical Science Liaisons and Pharmacy - A Perfect Mix For Those Bored in Pharmacy

  • What is a MSL?

  • How Would a Pharmacist with No Experience Begin This Career?

  • How to Position Yourself to Improve Your MSL Job Search


Dr. Samuel Dyer, PhD

A Pharmacy Business Model For Those Sick of the Typical Retail Model

  • How to Open a Profitable Independent Pharmacy

  • What’s Required to Get Started as an Entrepreneurship?

  • Ways to Overcome the Fear of Entrepreneurship


Lester Nathan

A New Wave of Pharmacy Practice - Functional Medicine!

  • What is Functional Medicine?

  • How Can a Pharmacist Incorporate This Practice into Every Practice Setting?

  • What Kind of Pharmacist is Best Suited for Functional Medicine?


Lauren Castle, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy as a Cash-Only Business? How One Pharmacist Manages Her Own Business

  • What Exciting Work Does a Pharmacy Consultant for Patients Do?

  • How to Get Your First Client as a Consultant

  • How to Collaborate with Physicians That Leads to Better Care and More Business!


Amy Panza, PharmD

How 2 Married Pharmacists Were Sick of Retail Pharmacy and Created a Path to Quit Their Jobs To Do What They Love

  • What You Must ABSOLUTELY Know Before Starting a Network Marketing Business

  • What it Takes to Start Up a Business On the Side

  • The Bad Side of Network Marketing


Ken Kunke, PharmD


Trenie Kunke, PharmD

A Pharmacy Director Joined a Franchise and Now Enjoys Passive Income While Not Working Herself To Death

  • This Non-Traditional Role Incorporates a Passion for Teaching and a Drive to be Your Own Boss

  • Learn How You Can Inspire the Next Generation of Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists!

  • What it Takes to Create an Education-Based Business While Working as a Full-Time Pharmacist


Theresa Ankamah, PharmD

How a Retail Pharmacist Found His Passion and Now is a Part-Owner of a Veterinary Pharmacy

  • How a pharmacist with no experience found a career he loved (by accident)

  • How to get into veterinary pharmacy

  • A special tip on how to gain the competitive edge over other applicants


Seth DePasquale, PharmD

How Any Pharmacist Can Create A Side Income - And the First Steps To Build a Side Business

  • Learn how five pharmacists didn't pursue a different career but created secondary income outside pharmacy.

  • Obtain the necessary gameplan to create a passion driven business

  • Gain accesss to +200 free tools that aid your business journey


Alex Barker, PharmD

Research Fascinate You? A Researcher Shares His Exciting Rise To Clinical Research Pharmacist

  • What it Takes to Enter into the World of Pharma

  • Your First Steps to Start this Career Path

  • The Role of Networking and Education in Getting Your First Job


Joe Fiore, PharmD

A Medical Writer Pharmacy Guru shares her 20+ years of experience on How to Get Started as a Medical Writer

  • How to Know if Medical Writing is For You

  • Where to Find Medical Writing Positions

  • How to Set Your Rates as a Freelancer


Cynthia Knapp Dlugosz, PharmD

Returning Back to Residency After Working? Is It Possible? Or Fun? A Pharmacist Tells Her Story and How She Found Her Passion in Pharmacy

  • What Does it Take to do a Residency After Finishing School?

  • Tips on How to Network with Directors

  • Advantages Practicing Pharmacists Have Over Students, and How to Exploit Them!


Dana Roman, PharmD

A Financial Pharmacist Shares His Strategies To Create Passive Income Via Investing

  • How to Make Financial Choices After You Make $100,000

  • The Top 3 Places to Invest Your Money

  • The Perfect Question to Ask When You Are Evaluating Your Stock Options


Hans Boateng, PharmD

How A Pharmacist Changed Her Career Into A Path That Fits Her Passion: Integrative Health

  • What is Integrative Medicine and How Do Pharmacists Fit In?

  • How Integrative Medicine Can Influence Your Current Practice

  • How Can Skeptics Understand This Kind of New Practice?


Amy Sapola, PharmD

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