Elizabeth St. Louis, PharmD

Elizabeth St. Louis, PharmD

From Pharmacy Drone to Academic (without a residency)

  • What kind of roles the Academia wants in community pharmacists

  • How pharmacists can stand out from residency-trained pharmacists (for any job)

  • How to utilize your strengths for th right position

Adam Syfrett, PharmD
Adam Syfrett, PharmD

Simple Steps to Getting Into Informatics Without Residency

  • The backdoor path into informatics

  • What Adam did to make an amazing impression that any pharmacist can do

  • What an informatics pharcmacist can do in the world of insurance

Sylvia Perry, PharmD
Sylvia Perry, PharmD

How to Ease Your Way Into a Pharmacy Consultant Position

  • Pharmacy consulting: Can anyone start?

  • What type of consulting makes for an easy sale?

  • What does a pharmacy consultant do?

  • Where are the opportunities to find a consultant job?

  • How do I know I could do the job of a consultant?

Brittany Hoffman-Eubanks, PharmD

Brittany Hoffman-Eubanks, PharmD

Retail to Medical Writing: Starting a Medical Writing Side Hustle

  • How any pharmacist (regardless of credentials) can begin medical writing

  • What it takes to start medical writing (and how to find your first jobs)

  • How to grow your medical writing side gig into something more

Brett Gingrich, PharmD
Brett Gingrich, PharmD

Fulfilling Clinical & Community Setting - Without a Residency

  • Discover the community pharmacy setting that is geared towards patient care and gives pharmacists the time to help people

  • How to transition into a clinically focused pharmacy care model

  • Federal Qualify Health Centers (FQHC) - A great place for patient-centered pharmacy roles

Hans Boateng, PharmD
Hans Boateng, PharmD

Don't Make These Investing Mistakes During a Career Transition

  • The mistakes most pharmacists make when transitioning to a new job

  • How to avoid losing money for your retirement when transitioning

Clark Gaither, MD
Clark Gaither, MD

Burnout Primer: How to Identify Burnout & How to Minimize It

  • How to know if you’re burned out

  • What can you do to beat the downward spiral of burnout

  • Steps to take within your organization to beat burnout

Alex Evans, PharmD
Alex Evans, PharmD

The Job Search Strategy For Your Dream Location

  • Looking to move but can’t find a job? This session is for you

  • Career strategies on how to connect with companies halfway across the world

  • How to find a job in your dream location

Samuel Johnson, PharmD

Samuel Johnson, PharmD

Use These Certifications to Further Your Career

  • Certifications: What jobs care about them and why?

  • Which certificate to focus on getting (or not) for your next career step

  • What steps you should take to best prepare for your examination

Alexander Dix, PharmD
Alexander Dix, PharmD

The Pharmacy Cannabis Career Path

  • Medical marijuana and how pharmacists can get involved

  • Initial steps for pharmacists to learn and apply knowledge on Cannabis

  • What pharmacists should look for when transitioning careers into Cannabis practice

Valerie Muthig, PharmD, <br>BCOP

Valerie Muthig, PharmD, BCOP

The Freedom of MSL Life: How to Transition into Pharma

  • Discover the freedom lifestyle of an MSL and what kind of person would love this career

  • Learn about the day-to-day activities of an MSL

  • How to use this information to make yourself irresistible to MSL hiring managers

Christina Tarantola, PharmD

Christina Tarantola, PharmD

"Actually Helping People": Becoming a Functional Medicine Practitioner on the Side

  • Consulting is the wave of the future for pharmacists. Are you prepared?

  • Learn how Christina developed a passion for helping others, and the path she took to gain a new valuable skill she’s paid over and over for

Karen Ryle, RPh
Karen Ryle, RPh

The Highest Pay Rate for a Pharmacist: Expert Witness

  • Do you have an expertise? If you’ve practiced over 5 years, then the answer is YES!

  • Discover how to get started as an expert witness and be paid 3x a normal pharmacist’s wage

  • What to expect from expert witness work and how to grow it into a successful career path

Richard Williams, RPh
Richard Williams, RPh

The Exponential Career Path: Pharmaceutical Sales

  • Richard took a pay cut in the beginning, but shortly after, he began making much more than your average pharmacist

  • Learn about the career path that can lead you to unexpected prestigious places

  • How to know you’re meant for selling (even if you think selling is an evil word)

Gregory Snyder, PharmD

Gregory Snyder, PharmD, MBA

Becoming a Pharmacy Benefits Manager Without a Residency

  • PBM - the bad guys right? Well, discover a new type of PBM that is on the side of the patient

  • What type of work is involved with this kind of PBM and how to know if you’re a good fit

Brian Fung, PharmD
Brian Fung, PharmD

Drug Information: How to Get Your Hands Dirty

  • The wave of the future is now! Discover how you can get started (even if you don’t have a residency

  • Learn about the typical work informatic pharmacists do and how you can get started

  • Discover the exciting work that is advancing pharmacy and how you can be apart of it

Eric Yi, PharmD
Eric Yi, PharmD

From MTM to Military - How to Transition into a Government Job

  • Find out  how Eric started as an MTM consultant, but transitioned into the Military (and later the VA)

  • Discover the smart career moves Eric committed to as he grew his career’s brand

Patrina McCauley, PharmD, MHA

Patricial McCauley, PharmD, MHA

Redefining Managed Care: A Fulfilling Career Providing Patient-Centered Care

  • Sometimes Managed Care is made out to be the enemy, but Patrina works in a patient care setting; find out how she managed.

  • Discover how Patrina learned of this career path and the smart steps she took to get into Managed Care

  • How do you know Managed Care is right for you?

Katie Taylor, PharmD, BCPS

Katie Taylor PharmD, BCPS

High Stress to Loving Work - Critical Care to Consultant & Academia

  • You don’t need to stay stressed out! Katie found out the hard way but discovered consulting was fulfilling and less stressful work

  • How to find an initial consultant client (even if you stink at networking and selling)

Kevin Hejnas, PharmD
Kevin Hejnas, PharmD

No Pharmacy Job Can Hold Me Down: New Grad Without Pharmacy Job Jumps into Fitness Coaching

  • Learn how Kevin jumped face first into coaching (without a pharmacy job to back him up!)

  • What is coaching? How do you start? And how do you grow a business like this?

Jerrica Dodd, PharmD, MS

Jerrica Dodd, PharmD, MS

Giving the Best to Patients After Overcoming Difficult Personal Challenges; Giving Up Security to Pursue Her Dream

  • Hear Jerrica’s powerful story of overcoming life events that would put anyone into life-threatening depression and how she overcame it all

  • You don’t need another certification to powerfully help people

  • Learn how you can apply your knowledge to pursue consulting

Brandon Bui, PharmD Candidate

Brandon Bui, PharmD Candidate

Business Outside Pharmacy - Challenges, Lessons, and How He Started

  • Learn  how anyone can get started from this young pharmacist-in-the-making

  • Discover how to create a business that works without you being present

Steve Irsfeld, RPh
Steve Irsfeld, RPh

An Independent Pharmacy Business Model Without the Worry

  • Owning a pharmacy business is foolish in today’s market: WRONG!

  • Learn how Steve has moved away from dispensing and into consultation service to grow revenue

  • Discover how you can do this too, even if you don’t work in a community pharmacy

Suzanne Keyes, PharmD, FACA, IFMCP Candidate

Suzanne Keyes, PharmD, FACA, IFMCP Candidate

Retail to Meaningful Patient Care

  • How pharmacists can use functional medicine in everyday practice and create their own

  • What is needed to start the functional medicine career path

  • How do you know functional medicine is for you?

Leonard Pastrana, PharmD

Leonard Pastrana, PharmD

Build it Once & Be Paid Over & Over - The Power of Affiliate Marketing

  • Learn how Leonard got out of retail, into a decent job, but then grew a side business that became his full-time effort

  • Discover Leonard’s common business model and how he applied his pharmacy knowledge to a niche market


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